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Quite a number of programs use Paradox Datenbases (*.db) to store their data. Some important Home banking, Financal and Business Programs belong to it. A database may be damaged rapidly by a Crash, even if the hard disk contains no errors. The corresponding program may show inexplicable behavior, false calculations or absurd results. At the worst it works not at all. It seems to be broken. Often the User makes the mistake to reinstall the whole program. But the reason is a corrupted database and not the program itself. This Maintenance program verifies table errors and repairs the database in very most cases. So it avoids loss of data, data backup or reinstalling of the whole program. In the rare case of a totally damaged database even this program is powerless.But also now this program assists You with a detailed information which tables are damaged. This may be helpful as contacting the manufacturer or to backup only a part of the data.

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